1990 - Diploma in Sculpture - Fine Art Academy, Rome
1980 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture. Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI USA

1996 - Carriage House, In-depth Papermaking - Boston, MA USA
1995 - Artist in Residence, Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts di Saratoga, CA USA
1982/1983/1985 - National Institute for the Graphic Arts, Intaglio and Woodcut, Rome, Italy
1981/1982 - International Graphic School of Venice; Intaglio and Collograph, Venice, Italy

2008 - Hand Papermaking Magazine, Summer issue: contribute to in C. Nash article 'Beater finesse' with a research paper and samples exchange between 20 International papermakers on fiber processing methods for fine art papermaking.
2008 - Interview & photos published on "PROGETTI no 7" Architecture and Design, Italy
2007 - Interview & photos published on Inside Italia Art magazine
2006 - Produced a DVD, Paper Relief , illustrating his techniques to obtain relief in hand made paper
2003/2005/2007/2008 - Work published in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of,"L'altra faccia del Macero," edited by COMIECO, work included in their website “spazi di carta”
2003 - Published an edition of 150 prints for Handpapermaking Magazine - Annual Portfolio: Innovative Printmaking on Handmade Paper- Washington, D.C., USA

1996 to present - member, IAPMA, International Association Papermaker and Paper Artists. As attended to the IAPMA Congresses of 1996 (Copenhagen, Denmark), 2000 (Sarteano, Italy), 2003 (Geneva, Switzerland), 2005 (Banff, Alberta, Canada), 2006 ( Steyermhule, Austria), 2007 ( Oxford, Gran Bretagna)
2001 - IMPACT International Paper & Print   Conference, Media Centre UIAH, Helsinki, Finland
2001 - Cortona International Symposium: A Print Odyssey, Cortona, Italy

2008 - Fall Semester: Visiting Artist and Full Time Professor, Printmaking Department, Papermaking Counseling at Maryland Institute College of Art MICA, Baltimore, MD USA
1993 to 2008 - Cornell University Rome Program, Visiting Critic; Drawing - Advanced Drawing - Art Studio (with interrupt)
1998 / 2008 - Temple University Rome Campus; Sculpture - Advanced Sculpture
2003 to 2008 - Loyola University Chicago-Rome Center; Drawing - Sculpture
1996 - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA; Summer Session: Intro Papermaking
1987 to 2008 - San Giacomo Municipal School of Applied Arts, Rome; Woodcarving
1995 to 1997 - Fine Art Academy of Lorenzo da Viterbo, Viterbo; Intaglio

2008 - Hot paper casting relief - Holufgaard, Odense, Denmark
2008 - Wet drawing techniques- IAPMA Paper Festival, Sarteano, Siena Italy
2008 - Monotype transfer in papermaking - Rhode Island School of Design EHP, Rome, Italy
2004 - Papier Waspe, Wien, Austria; Energy Paper
2004 - Cornell University Rome Program; Intro papermaking
2003 - Cooper Union, NYC, USA; Paper and Light
2002 - Cooper Union, NYC, USA; High Shrinkage Paper
2002 - Pyramid Atlantic, Riverdale, WA USA; High Shrinkage Paper
2001 - Dieu Donne Papermill, New York, NY USA; High Shrinkage Paper
2000 - IAPMA Congress, Abbazia di Spineto, Sarteano, Siena; Paper Relief
2000 - Cornell University Rome Program; Woodcut

2008 MICA - Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD USA
2008 Tyler School of Arts, Philadelphia, PA USA
2008 University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA USA
2008 Rhode Island School of Design EHP, Rome, Italy
2005 - Paper Relief - Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada
2002 - Cooper Union, New York, NY USA
2001 - "Carta a Mano" - Museo della Scienza, Napoli
2001 - "Tra le carte" - Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari, Rome, Italy
2000 - Temple University, Rome, Italy